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Oh, that is wonderful! I absolutely love this, I can just imagine the lard comany guys thinking; boy, this'll REALLY get the housewives excited about our lard!


50s Pam

You know, my grannies taught me that lard makes the best pie crust and goshdarnit, they were right! Great ad!


I'd be interested in knowing about these "costliest shortenings." Shortening doesn't strike me as a luxury item, but maybe at one tme it was.

C. Dianne Zweig

Love your blog glad i found you.

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kitsch n Stuff

I am also adding you to my blog roll, hope you will stop by and add me to yours...i see you have my book on your sidebar..thanks (it came out in a second edition this week).

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it's really retro dishes.. hello from a past


Bland was a type of Lard, Lard made at home and many lards did have a taste and smell to them.


Lard was made from the fat of pigs after slaughtering. Swift was one brand name. It was innexpensive (I remember when I was a little girl being sent to the store with a quarter to buy a pound of lard). It was used extensively by housewives in frying, baking, etc. into the 1960's. The use of this animal fat became unpopular when vegetable fats and oils which contained much less harmful chloresterol became the norm.

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This is very amusing. During those days advertising did not have a lot of politics. It was honest and not at all superficial. Having honest advertising has a lot of advantages like avoiding law suits simply because it does not lie, it is brutally honest.


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