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I do wish you'd update some more, this is pretty awesome.

James Soh

If you know gratitude, you will find happiness and yes, it is not just for the rich and famous or specially selected few. :)


Sometimes these people think that happiness is something that only they are entitled to.

Celia Pleete

I know one thing's for sure, there's something in that tub that's making this lady REALLY happy.

Mademoiselle M.

Lovely photo :)


This saying is sooooo true. Love your blog.


i love your blog ! that is so true...

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Isn't that the truth! I'm a stay at home mommy of a 3 month old...nothing brings happiness like a bubble bath and a pack of reece's peanut butter cups! mmmmmmm!http://vavoomvintage.blogspot.com/

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I agree
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Lovely vintage photo! :) The lady in the tub looks hot and happy. Thanks for sharing!

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