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Alexis Michael

What a wonderful idea to try out some of these recipes. I loved the book "Something From the Oven" but never thought about creating some of the weird creations she spoke of. I applaud you!


I have a cookbook that's a reprint of the original Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from the 1956, and everything has American cheese in it.

It's completely awesome that you're making all this stuff, I would too if I wasn't veggie only! I'm sticking to the cakes.


I promise to be a devoted reader! I haven't read a thing yet my you have cracked me up with the photo's and you made you own... I LOVE IT, I need my morning tea and to sit here and read my sunday morning away, right here!

keep of being this way!


yeah, I love those old recipes, EVERY single salad involves gelatin. I swear to god, I saw one with ketchup, beets, pineapple, pork, whipped topping, and gelatin once.


omg I found my retro heaven! LMAO - I love to cook and I LOVE what you're doing..and here I was thinking this recipe might have some potential??until I read the rest... too funny...gotta love the boyfriends as test subjects though!
yep - I agree..I take the oath to promise and be a devote reader from here on!


It's important to note that in the 50's, 'American cheese' was made of real cheese and wasn't processed. Makes a BIG different, taste-wise!

To reproduce 50's-style 'American cheese', blend Colby and cheddar.


Salad and pie together - you have got to love the retro chefs who thought up these things!

I like your blog very much. I also love writing about retro/vintage recipes and household things.


Wow. It's so strange to see those crazy weird recipes are actually prepared and photographed in color! I hope you post more about your scary expirments!

Celia Pleete

Oh YUCK! I don't mind meat pies, but somehow making chicken look like a merengue pie makes it absolutely revolting.
I love your blog - I'm linking it to mine. I also had a bunch of scary recipes and food adverts from days of yore...

Mendor Ran

I do agree that you actually have to be a bravehearted person to give a try to some of 'old fashion' recipes.

Mendor Ran

Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken salad pie? I've never heard of it, but I love the idea!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Congratulation! I am very enjoy reading your post. Chicken Salad is awesome.

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Old recipe books have some really good recipes, but as always they have some bad ones also. The name doesn't sound good at all. For it to win the bake off, there must have been a lack of good dishes or a lack of taste buds.

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This is my favorite childhood dessert. Every time I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant, I always order some extra tapioca dessert to take home.

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what a great recipe! i can see myself munching on tons of these! thanks for sharing your recipe!

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A lot of recipes during those days sound pretty weird. I’m glad that there are innovations in recipes these days. But when you think of it, maybe these innovations came from those primitive recipes.

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