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Sister Aye

Yum! Yum! We have to add this to our site, so everyone can enjoy this old family favorite. Light bulbs look tastier by the minute.

Samra Thompson

This article was the funniest thing I've seen in years! I totally enjoyed reading about the author's quest to try out retro recipes and revive some old mid century classics, like Lime Jello in all it's incarnations! Thank you for the best laugh I've had in a very long time! And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with an obsession with 50's cuisine!


This is a charming and hilarious website--as someone with a deep love of cooking and a keen sense of the camp and kitsch, I'll be beack~! Did you know your site made it on metafilter? Best regards...


thank you for giving me the laugh of the weekend. i swear...the "what the hell was wrong with people in the 50's?" comment just did me in. the whole jell-o phenomenon was incredible. and, keep in mind that this was all done with little if any electric appliances and no a/c. mmmm...cold tuna and jello on a hot summer night. *retch* knew then i had to take time to tell you that this is brilliant. and that you've actually tested the recipes? you're very brave. and now i'm off to look at the "edibles".


I never laughed so hard!!!

Wonderful story! :-) TeeHee




My grandmother prepares a green jello mold with tuna salad piled in the middle of it every year as part of our traditional family Christmas Eve dinner. It has been on the table every year since before I was born. I have tried for years to figure out how this came to be part of our family tradition. The story I came up with was that my family was poor and during the depression could not afford to prepare the traditional Christmas Eve fish dinner. I've always imagined my great grandmother trying to improvise and creating this dish as an inexpensive way to have fish for that meal.
I am feeling a little disillusioned now that I know that this was a popular 1950's dish. I have, by the way, NEVER eaten green jello and tuna! although I do take a picture of it every year. Someday I will make a Tuna & Jello scrap book. All these years later isn't it nice to know that somewhere in the world this recipe is still being served, and on a holiday too!

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kristy lynn

wow. i like tuna salad, but..... wow

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i love the look of this salad, it had something like a cheese cake with jelly, mmm delicious!!

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