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Sister Aye

Hooray! I am deathly allergic to pineapple.


Here's a trick, don't tell them what is in it. Call it something else. Like ambushing folks into tasting it. Lay in wait. Bide your time. Wait for the right opportunity sometime this summer and spring this on some poor unsuspecting person. This is a tactic I've tried. Successfully.

Lola Leonard

This is THEE BEST pie in the whole world! You do not have to tell people what is in it but let me tell you that the avacado add a somewhat nutty flavor to the lime and pineapple. I lost my recipe years ago and have spent so much time trying to find it again and now I have!!!! I love it and anyone that I have made it for thinks it is so different and wonderful. It is te "best kept secret"

Michaele Maurer

Back in the days when I had gourmet pretensions, I ran across a simple Brazilian recipe for avocado ice cream. It was smooth, creamy, sweet, and had a unique, pleasant tang -- can't remember why, there may have been lemon juice in it. All in all, a very satisfactory little treat. So, in theory, this recipe ought to work.

But -- lime Jell-O! An abomination unto the Lord, forever and ever, amen!

Esther Cervantes

Ever since a friend fed me avocado beaten with sweetened condensed milk and I couldn't quite stop tasting it, I've been open to strange ways with avocado. I might eat it with you.

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